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The second largest banking center in the world after Switzerland, the second largest duty free port after Hong Kong and the world's largest foreign corporate registry with over 400,000 foreign owned corporations registered.

Strategic Overview of Panama Opportunities

Here I am once again, but this time with an interesting set of articles that could influence your next investment steps forward. This came to me yesterday, a newsletter distributed by Tom Brymer. Thank you, Tom. (As recompense, I publish his contact info below).

His comments introduce a terrific article from the Panama Star by David Young, followed by another great article by Tom Brymer.

Multi-National Corporations Eyeing Panama

Panama Old CityPanamanian government has set a goal of attracting US$1 Billion in Direct Foreign Investment per year over the next five year term.

Companies from the United States, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Europe are looking at Panama as a possible site to expand their operations, according to officials with the Ministry of Commerce.

Atraerán inversiones de US$1 Billon Anualmente

Panama old cityGobierno tiene como meta conseguir al menos mil millones de dólares de Inversión Directa Extranjera por año en este quinquenio.

Empresas de Estados Unidos, Singapur, Taiwan, Japón, Europa, Suecia y Noruega están tocándole la puerta a Panamá para ejecutar planes de inversiones en el país. Las propuestas de todas esas empresas están siendo analizadas por un equipo del Ministerio de Comercio (Mici), que busca sacar el máximo provecho..

Interesting developments in Panama

Panama Cinta CosteraThe news today about Panama is yet another confirmation that something here is being done right.

Yesterday was the inauguration of the new President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, a prominent businessman, owner of the second largest chain of supermarkets in the country among other holdings. He ran a highly effective campaign against the invincible and entrenched ruling political party, or so too many people thought.

Hotel Industry on top in Panama

Panama HotelIf the hotel industry happens to interest you, be you an owner, operator, or investor, the hotel industry in Panama is rock solid with the second highest occupancy rate in the world, three years in a row. I got this capsule of hotel related news (below) a few days ago. But today, as I was walking to lunch, I walked past the new Renaissance Hotel (28 floors, 310 rooms) going up quickly as weekend and night shifts push it out of the starting gate.

Panama News 6.12.09

ABPanamaMy friend James, at ABPanama does such a nice job synthesizing the latest on Panama that I pass along his newsletter.

Even though the newly elected, pro-business President, Ricardo Martinelli, has yet to be inaugurated, he has been making headlines as he and his newly formed cabinet and ministers, announce a range of plans from their temporary headquarters at the Sheraton Hotel. It’s all about growth in the public sector and stability and accountability in government.

New York Times> Panama Canal expansion is chugging along

Reprinted from the New York Times, June 1, 2009

Panama Canal Expansion
Alejandro Bolivar / European Pressphoto Agency
A dredger works on the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal, under construction to accommodate super-sized cargo ships.

The expansion is on target, an official says, addressing rumors of recession-caused delays. A high-profile construction contract may be awarded soon.

The Panamanian Miracle

Panama SkylineFive centuries after Spanish conquistadores first set foot on this land we seem to have been invaded again, this time by retirees wielding sun-tan lotion in one hand and a checkbook in the other; a migratory wave that keeps pushing real estate prices up faster than you can say “tsunami”.  But is the Global Village just making a pit stop in Panama?  Or is the current Real Estate boom sustainable?